Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Musings

Today is Sunday and I have been over my sinus infection for a week now. It is nice to feel human again. At church today some of the talks were about hardships and having faith to get through them. I was reminded that prosperity and depression go in cycles and what have we learned from history? Do we prepare as Joseph did in Egypt during the 7 years of prosperity for the 7 years of famine? We have had many years of prosperity and yet how many thought it would last forever and never put anything aside for the lean times? I am guilty of not putting enough away to last through however long this recession/depression lasts. I thought of spiritual preparations also. Do we have enough oil in our lamps to last through the spiritual onslaughts that come at us from every side? Will we try to borrow some at the last moment and find that there is none to be had, even in the marketplace? The marketplace in this time period probably has some of everything, except the precious oil that we need to light our lamps in times of present darkness in the world. I fear that it will get worse, as it will not be popular to be a Christian and have standards and values different from the world. It will be in those times that we will have to ask ourselves, am I ashamed to follow Christ and His teachings? Am I willing to share the gospel with others? Do I have the oil in my lamp full for when the Savior comes again? Just thoughts......

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